After four years of fundraising, planning and hard work, Hunterdon Land Trust broke ground Thursday, October 12 on its Dvoor Farm project. The occasion was celebrated by a gathering of state, county and local officials; Hunterdon Land Trust Board of Trustee members and staff; donors; and special guests.

A row of nine shovels, their glistening silver blades standing upright in an elongated mound of dirt, greeted guests in front of the historic bank barn, site of the first phase of the project. HLT Executive Director Catherine Suttle welcomed everyone “to the celebration of a major milestone in realizing the full potential of the historic farm.”


“We want to protect and rehabilitate a place like this not only to hold onto the past, but also for the stories that future generations will make here,” Suttle said. “Here in Hunterdon County, the Dvoor Farm is the place that, from the earliest times to the present, has been one of community where people have come together to help each other out and to celebrate life’s milestones. This project will continue that tradition for future generations by rehabilitating this historic site for multiple modern uses.”

The first phase of the project will focus on the bank barn, which was built around 1880. Work will include structural repairs; the removal of non-historic elements; and the addition of a new roof, siding, insulation, windows and exterior doors.

“The other two phases, which will come later, will fit out the barn for multiple uses and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance,” Suttle said.

“The Hunterdon Land Trust is to be commended for all of their hard work and planning of this project,” said Hunterdon County Commission Deputy Director Jeff Kuhl. “The goals and objectives of the project align nicely with Hunterdon County’s ongoing Economic Development campaign to promote agritourism. This is a great day for all of Hunterdon County.”

Raritan Township Committee Member Bob King said, “We are extremely excited that this is hitting the next phase; this is going to be an asset for Raritan Township, not only for our residents, but for visitors as well. We look forward to celebrating the heritage and history that this farm has provided, and to the new memories and experiences that this will create for our community.”

Janet Foster, a trustee with the New Jersey Historic Trust, said her organization “is so proud to be partnered with the Dvoor Farmstead because (Hunterdon Land Trust) is the embodiment of providing care for the land, care for the site, care for the community and care for a multitude of historic buildings on this property.”

Once completed, the Dvoor Farm, located at 111 Mine Street off the Route 12 traffic circle, will serve as a community destination for a wide range of uses: a place where family and friends can gather to celebrate life’s milestones; where children can explore nature and learn about the world around them; and where everyone can discover Hunterdon County’s rich local culture and history, which dates back, according to archaeological evidence, to around 2000 BCE.

Rehabilitating the Dvoor Farm will allow Hunterdon Land Trust to take a major step toward securing its financial stability for the long-term by providing it with additional revenue streams that will ensure the Dvoor Farm buildings are maintained. It also will benefit HLT’s work preserving and stewarding land in the Hunterdon County region. The first phase of this $7.7 million project will cost $2.6 million. 

Grantors and partners for Phase I of the project are grantor New Jersey Historic Trust; grantor Hunterdon County Historic Preservation Trust; partner, Raritan Township and individual donors.

Event attendees included: Lynn Becker, Michael Bennett, Maimie Bower, Bob Chittenden, Bill Cumby, Nancy Cunningham, Stefan de Wet, Carol Dvoor, Marlene Dvoor, Mary Evers, Janet Foster, Karen Gilbert, Amy Greene, Steve Gruenberg, Roger Harris, Bret Heisey, Jan Holms,Bob Hornby, Bob & Maryann Isham, Marcia Karrow, Pete Kinsella, Jeff Kuhl, Larry LaFevre, Robin Lapidus, Gretchen Larson, Rikki Massand, Jeff Miller, Bill Millette, Brad Myre, Marie Newell, Mike O’Brien, Laura Orbine, Chris Phelan, Chris Pickell, Gary Pohorely, Jay Raymond, Robert Reid, Marc Saluk, Martha Sapp, Dan Saunders, Susan Soloway, Jacqueline Stigl, Catherine Suttle, and Deborah Woodard.

Dvoor Farm Capital Campaign Committee Member Amy Greene with Carol and Marlene Dvoor.

Bill Millette and Bob Hornby, of the Hunterdon County Planning Department, look over the Dvoor Farm bank barn plans with HLT Trustee Larry LaFevre.