Hunterdon Land Trust’s strategic plan for 2018-2022 lays out our organization’s vision, and articulates our goals and how to accomplish them in the next five years.

Holland Hills Preserve, Holland Township, NJ


Hunterdon Land Trust preserves the integrity of the rural landscapes in the Hunterdon County region by protecting and enhancing natural resources, and the cultural landscape of the historic Dvoor Farm, for public enjoyment and education.


Programmatic Objective:
1. Preserve natural lands to create greenways that protect critical natural resources to sustain clean water and air, provide climate and flood control, and support diverse wildlife habitat.

Permanently preserve natural lands that include at least 800 acres of land with fresh water rankings of high importance or better and/or ecological rankings of high priority or better in the Conservation Blueprint map.

Operational Objective:
1. Implement best practices according to the Land Trust Alliance’s updated Standards and Practices (2017).

• Successfully renew HLT’s Accreditation in 2019.
• Improve record-keeping by fully inventorying land projects, management plans for fee-owned preserves, and HLT’s obligations to properties owned by partners to create efficient tracking and management processes.

Programmatic Objectives:
1. Build an informed constituency.

• Overhaul HLT website to reach mobile consumers, improve navigation, and support regular content updates.
• Engage new audiences and build partnerships through social media; reach 4500 total followers.
• Increase mailing list by 250 contacts.

2. Train Citizen Stewards (those who appreciate the natural and cultural heritage of the region and are informed and empowered to act to protect it).

• Host 20 events/workshops to engage community in hands-on learning opportunities.
• Include actionable items in all communications.
• Create 3 organized volunteer maintenance teams for fee-owned properties led by a committee member or other volunteer.

3. Build community through enhanced public access to preserved resources.

• Ensure all preserves have clearly marked public access with signage and materials (e.g. map guides) to advertise such to the public.
• Implement the Dvoor Farm site plan to more fully utilize it as a model of the cultural landscape and a community destination for education and recreation; one additional facility (other than wagon house) is under development to be made publicly accessible.
• Host 10 events/workshops to promote appreciation for preserved resources.
• Host a well-attended producers-only farmers’ market with weekly average car counts of at least 430.

Organizational Objective:
1. Diversify both human and financial resources.

Add at least 10 individuals to committees and/or the Board to meet needs as identified by the Governance Committee.
Increase individual giving by 20% from 2016 baseline.

Programmatic Objectives:
1. Protect quality farmland as defined by state and county plans and federal, state, and local funding sources.

Permanently preserve 300 acres of farmland.

2. Support local farmers to promote successful and sustainable stewardship of farmland to ensure the resource remains in active use.

Host a producers-only farmers’ market with a minimum of 15 farmer vendors.